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Occupation Grandpa, Naturalist, Metalworker
Children Heidi,1976,Justin,1986,Andrea,1990
Grandchildren Kaedyn, Masha, Forrest, Reef, Dalin, Hawk

Life is good. Observe, Absorb, and Contribute.

School Story

Muskego is a great place to grow up and our Muskego High School was a lot of fun. Quite a few stories if only I could remember...or maybe some I should forget.
Say like the time Mr. Waldren, our sophomore year general science teacher, took Sheila Dixon into the photo club's darkroom and spanked her after she repeatedly chattered away in his class. The whole class was dead silent as Sheila emerged red faced as a beet and Mr Waldren with a smile on his face.
Or Granny, our social studies teacher catching me reading a MAD magazine behind mt social studies book. She pulled me out into the hallway, grabbbed me by the shoulders, and started banking my head against the metal lockers so hard they could hear the banging all the way down the hall in Mr.Hawley's math class. My head left a dent in somebody's locker, but I loved Granny and was sorry I had disappointed her. How many teachers actually let you call them "Granny"?
Come to think of it Granny caught Sheila Dixon chewing gum in her class which Sheila always did, perhaps to keep herself from talking. Sheila chewed a lot of gum. I hate to think how much of it was stuck to the underside of her desk. Anyway Granny was so mad that she grabbed Sheila's arm to yank her up out of her seat. But those desks were kind of small for us seniors and Sheila got stuck in her chair. Granny locked onto to Sheila, pinching her arm so tight and pulling so hard, her fingernails pierced Sheila's skin. Again Sheila was red as a beet and her arm was too, but I don't believe she ever chewed gum again in Granny's class.
Then the time "somebody" slipped a message into the afternoon dismissal announcement on Halloween. It was actually read over the school loud speaker system inviting ALL students over to Vice Principal Hawley's house for a Halloween party that night. I think almost everybody on the second floor heard a loud scream of "NO" come from Mr. Hawley's classroom as he yelled and ran to the office to contradict the invitation. But it was too late. Classes were dismissed and later that night dozens of cars besieged Mr. Hawley's residence decorating his front lawn in true Halloween fashion. A certain Mr. Ray Knutilla and myself had meanwhile snuck up onto Mr. Hawley's roof and dropped a cherry bomb down his chimney, which apparently made a very loud noise inside the house. So loud that even Ray and I were scared. We high tailed it off the roof and out of there as Mr. Hawley exploded out onto his lawn yelling at all the honking cars and us to get away from his property because he was calling the police. Boy were we in big trouble. The next day, in order to avoid legal problems, Ray and I had to go back to Mr. Hawley's lawn and clean up all the toilet paper, smashed pumkins, and broken eggs that decorated his home. Sometimes things get out of hand, but who'd expect so many Warriors would show up for a party at the staid Vice Principals house?
Those were the good old days where teachers got to maintain some discipline in the classroom without worrying about political correctness or getting sued. I think teachers should get more respect today. Back then if my Dad found out a teacher had disciplined me he would add his own more severe discipline to it to make sure I did not screw up again!

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Hey David, I'm going to wish you a Happy Birthday a week early. After all I figure each morning we arise to the light of dawn, it's another birthday. Luckily I wake up naturally, or in rare cases if I sleep beyond first light, my good cat BOO wakes me up. So we go outside right away to catch the sunrise. Right before the sun comes up the birds go crazy and start chirping. People who get up later miss all that. Of course it takes a propensity to look and listen. People who jump in their cars and tear off to work may not always take a moment to appreciate their place in the super natural world of whoever created this beautiful infinite universe. How insignificant we are and yet how valuable our lives can be. It is important we pass onto our progeny this awareness. A full appreciation of the value of life leads to LOVE and our ability to express it.
A few photos from my front yard. The grandkids got a little log cabin they play in, the shadows of leaves by my front door at sunrise, Forest and Reef fishing off a neighbor's dock. My littlest grandchild Hawk, fell off the dock yesterday but we pulled him out like a fish. Yup, Everyday is a Beautiful Birthday!

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Oh no, I would not miss YOUR Birthday Pam! Our internet was out and we were running on generator after Irma. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May this be your best year ever! Love to you and your family.
And here are some oldies from when we danced in the gym at Mill Valley. remember the Marcels?
You know these guys sounded even better 40 years later!

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Aug 04, 2017 at 10:53 AM

Happy Birthday Jack. Remember when you, me, and Benjamin Laz... hung out in 8th grade, calling ourselves the dumb Polock, the stinky Arab, and the greasy Spic. Here is an oldie from the good old days, that got played in the Mill Valley grade school dances held in the gym. A moody lament, and the irresistible Monster Mash, and the best of the rest in 1962, Good Luck, CB

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Happy Birthday Jeff. Good luck interpreting the encyclopedic USTC. I could have recommended the Taxman by the Beatles, but here is one less well known offering:
Away for the weekend
I've gotta play some one-night stands
Six for the tax man, and one for the band
Success Story by the WHO

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Didn't know you were the Mustang girl. Guess I shoulda posted this CLASSIC video on Facebook for your birthday.
And then a young Texan Jack Mason does a decent cover of Mustang Sally. Nowhere near the POWER of Buddy Guy or Jeff Beck, but pretty good. Unfortunately not a single Mustang is shown in this clip.

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Hey here is a Happy Birthday song for you.

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Hey Sheila Dixon Zinder, is it really your birthday? Well then HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

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Oct 21, 2016 at 4:43 PM

"Negative impression", are you kidding? Sheila, you were FUN in high school, that's why I remember you. No way you cannot remember Mr. Walgrin (sp?) giving you a spanking in the photo club darkroom during his general science class. And Granny was the very old social studies teacher who read out loud from these very antique social studies books and then handed out the blue mimeograph sheets we had to do almost everyday. They were so boring, the only good thing about them was their fresh mimeograph smell. You were always chewing gum (and talking) which set poor old Granny off. She came over and tried to yank you up out of your desk seat. But those desk seats were sized more for 5th graders so you got stuck in it when she tried to pull you up. Granny had quite a strong grip and apparently did not trim her nails since they pierced your skin and it got a little bloody. Granny was the chaperone for our senior class trip to Washington DC and some other city, maybe Philadelphia. She was old but cool, taking me to meet her ex-student who was working in the FBI and we went downstairs at their headquarters were he fired off some rounds at the gun range, including a machine gun. Yeah, those were the good old days when teachers were NOT badgered or threatened by parents with litigation. Heck Granny caught me reading my MAD magazine behind my social studies book and took me out in rthe hall where she banged my head repeatedly against a locker so hard they heard it down the hall in Mr Hawley's math class. I didn't dare complain to my dad about that because then he'd hit me a lot harder for screwing up at school, and besides I would not want get Granny in trouble. My daughter is a teacher. Teachers take enough abuse from stupid parents as well as students. Sorry I didn't make it to the reunion, or I would have brought you some bubble gum. After all you could blow really big bubbles, right during class!

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This reminds me of a slow dance in the gym at Mill Valley in 8th grade. You were the first girl I danced a slow dance with and I will never forget.

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