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Occupation Grandpa, Naturalist, Metalworker
Children Heidi,1976,Justin,1986,Andrea,1990
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Life is good. Observe, Absorb, and Contribute.

School Story

Muskego is a great place to grow up and our Muskego High School was a lot of fun. Quite a few stories if only I could remember...or maybe some I should forget.
Say like the time Mr. Waldren, our sophomore year general science teacher, took Sheila Dixon into the photo club's darkroom and spanked her after she repeatedly chattered away in his class. The whole class was dead silent as Sheila emerged red faced as a beet and Mr Waldren with a smile on his face.
Or Granny, our social studies teacher catching me reading a MAD magazine behind mt social studies book. She pulled me out into the hallway, grabbbed me by the shoulders, and started banking my head against the metal lockers so hard they could hear the banging all the way down the hall in Mr.Hawley's math class. My head left a dent in somebody's locker, but I loved Granny and was sorry I had disappointed her. How many teachers actually let you call them "Granny"?
Come to think of it Granny caught Sheila Dixon chewing gum in her class which Sheila always did, perhaps to keep herself from talking. Sheila chewed a lot of gum. I hate to think how much of it was stuck to the underside of her desk. Anyway Granny was so mad that she grabbed Sheila's arm to yank her up out of her seat. But those desks were kind of small for us seniors and Sheila got stuck in her chair. Granny locked onto to Sheila, pinching her arm so tight and pulling so hard, her fingernails pierced Sheila's skin. Again Sheila was red as a beet and her arm was too, but I don't believe she ever chewed gum again in Granny's class.
Then the time "somebody" slipped a message into the afternoon dismissal announcement on Halloween. It was actually read over the school loud speaker system inviting ALL students over to Vice Principal Hawley's house for a Halloween party that night. I think almost everybody on the second floor heard a loud scream of "NO" come from Mr. Hawley's classroom as he yelled and ran to the office to contradict the invitation. But it was too late. Classes were dismissed and later that night dozens of cars besieged Mr. Hawley's residence decorating his front lawn in true Halloween fashion. A certain Mr. Ray Knutilla and myself had meanwhile snuck up onto Mr. Hawley's roof and dropped a cherry bomb down his chimney, which apparently made a very loud noise inside the house. So loud that even Ray and I were scared. We high tailed it off the roof and out of there as Mr. Hawley exploded out onto his lawn yelling at all the honking cars and us to get away from his property because he was calling the police. Boy were we in big trouble. The next day, in order to avoid legal problems, Ray and I had to go back to Mr. Hawley's lawn and clean up all the toilet paper, smashed pumkins, and broken eggs that decorated his home. Sometimes things get out of hand, but who'd expect so many Warriors would show up for a party at the staid Vice Principals house?
Those were the good old days where teachers got to maintain some discipline in the classroom without worrying about political correctness or getting sued. I think teachers should get more respect today. Back then if my Dad found out a teacher had disciplined me he would add his own more severe discipline to it to make sure I did not screw up again!

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Wowser, another year, Happy Birthday Pamela, dif-tor heh smusma!

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How old is 71 in dog years? Happy Early Birthday John!

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May 06, 2019 at 12:15 PM

Keep Bopping buddy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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May 02, 2019 at 10:21 AM

Happy Birthday! Hey if Google is messing with your Quiltncards blogspot there are other free options online to save your blog/posts to. Same issues exist with Facebook that can alter your posting history at their discretion. The only way around that is to host your own website for absolute control, but that costs money and you also loose the functional advantage of showing up in the search engines when you use Google or Facebook platforms. Heck at our age who cares? Just keep crafting and enjoying your creativity!

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Happy Birthday today and everyday and plenty of Sunshine Estelle.

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Oct 21, 2018 at 7:58 PM

For a tourist destination Longboat Key looks pretty built up. Just like here in Plantation Florida. Though I know the west coast is more pleasant than the east coast of Florida because so many Cheeseheads live in the Sarasota-St Petersbug area. My wife Lyn and I did many shows in Sarasota and St Armands too bad we missed you. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY, enjoy the SUNSHINE, (though I pray for few overcast days myself to escape the heat). Don't burn those Irish freckles. And if a hurricane ever does head your way evacuate EARLY. We make advance reservations as soon as a storm appears headed our way. Heck we can always cancel them. We book a hotel reinforced for the worst storms that is used by the emergency government and utility crews that show up a few days before the storm. If that hotel is good enough for them its safe enough for us. And besides we are then surrounded by 800 emergency workers if anything goes wrong. And the best part is the hotel serves free food to everybody because the work crews have a portable kitchen set up there. Also the hotel has its own emergency power which is very important. It's really crazy when these workers head out laden with all their gear before the winds have died down. Pretty tough dudes! An endless line of utility trucks keep pulling up and these crazy workers jump in the back in a poring rain. Yup, so if a storm is headed your way find out in advance where the emergency crews are stationed and book right away as they only have a few rooms open to the public. Photo from our hotel room. Photo of our yard after Irma. Got lucky this time. Not so lucky before.

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Oct 07, 2018 at 12:20 PM
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Sep 23, 2018 at 9:30 PM

Hey Rhonda, a little bit late but Happy B-Day. So where do you display those music venue photos? Did you ever get a photo of you and you funny sidekick at that Beatles concert your dad worked? Did you really go backstage? I think you were the First Hippy of Muskego High. In fact before anyone in Muskego even knew what that was, i think you smoked pot. But i could be imagining things. For myself, getting old, I'm teetotaler now. What about you? Have a great year.
More of a nature photographer.

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Sep 10, 2018 at 10:36 AM

I'm posting early this year to wish you Pam a HAPPY BIRTHDAY week and another wonderful year. Seven decades of survival and moving on. Don't know if your are a Cheesehead Packer fan, but considering how the Pack came back to win the season opener last night is a great example of perseverance and faith. Even if it is just football! Hope you have a great year and can experience that kind of joy of a wining celebration, your celebration of life.

Seven decades seems like a long time to us. Then considering the Universe is some 14 billion years old, also meaning the expanse of the (known) universe is 14 billion light years across. These kinds of reference are unimaginable in human terms of experience. Think light travels around the earth 7 times every second, now figure how far that would be in a year times 14 billion. Duh. So we are a speck in time and space, but it is OUR time and place. Live and love it! Happy Birthday!

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